Several months ago, we were contacted by a professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder to determine our interest in providing autism spectrum disorder training to parents and professionals in China.   ASD is not well understood in China and treatment/educational options are limited.   The clear message to us was there is a great need for ASD training in this country.

Our new friend (CU-Boulder professor) and her colleague visited Rocky Mountain Autism Center earlier this year to get a first-hand look at our approach and methods.   They learned from us, we learned from them.  With excitement and enthusiasm, we all agreed that this mission was one that deserved our mutual time and attention.   So, with heads and hearts matched up between China and America, we worked diligently to prepare the translation and presentation of the Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Rydell, 2012) for the trainees in China.   We will begin our training this weekend and continue for the next four weeks.   If all goes well, we will continue this mission to families and professionals throughout China in order to prepare their children to become successful in school and other educational settings.

In many ways, Autism On Call, LLC is a mission….a mission that we fully embrace.

Dr. Patrick J. Rydell