1. Northern Speech Services

    Dr. Patrick J. Rydell is now a Northern Speech Services, Inc.  author and trainer.  He has two ecourses on Autism Spectrum Disorder Building the Capactity for Socially Appropriate Conversations in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Rydell, 2019) https://www.northernspeech.com/autism-asperger-syndrome/building-the-capacity-for-socially-appropriate-conversation-in-young-children-with-au…Read More

  2. Introducing Autism on Call Vimeo Educational Series

    I am very pleased to announce Autism On Call Vimeo Educational Series:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/autismoncall My name is Dr. Patrick J. Rydell.  I am the founder and director of Rocky Mountain Autism Center (RMAC) in Lone Tree, Colorado.  In my position at RMAC, parents, teachers, therapists, medical professionals frequently call or come to my office and ask: Can my child with ASD be successf…Read More

  3. Welcome to Autism On Call, LLC

    Welcome to Autism On Call, LLC!  In this blog section, I hope to share useful ASD training information and strategies for parents, professionals and university students.    You will receive the same training and mentorship that I provide to our staff at Rocky Mountain Autism Center in Lone Tree, Colorado (www.rockymountainautismcenter.com).  RMAC's approach to ASD is a unique blend of the Lea…Read More