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Getting Your Child Ready for School

Presenter: Dr. Patrick J. Rydell

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Join other parents of young children with ASD and professionals as Dr. Rydell provides live, interactive and thought-provoking webinars as we “get your child ready for school”. So, how do we do this?  Well, we start with understanding your child’s learning style challenges and turn them into strengths in early stages of development. We teach your child to “look up, look around…what are we doing…how can you become part of what we are doing?” Also, we ask the question….”Who is doing the thinking?” Are you telling your child what to do, what to say and how to do or say it? Or, is your child doing the thinking…knowing how and when to use his or her skills? Dr. Rydell suggests that we cannot teach your child everything that he or she needs to know, but we can teach him or her how to independently 

Participate in the classroom

Make and keep friends

Have meaningful communication and conversations

Use appropriate social behaviors with peers and adults in the classroom

so, that your child does not require a teacher to be “connected at the hip”
….directing and prompting his or her every action.  

“Getting Your Child 
Ready for School” 

webinars are based on Dr. Rydell’s Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Rydell, 2012), which specifically addresses parents’ concerns about their child’s development and readiness for school.


Do these learning style challenges sound familiar to you?

  1. Does your child pay more attention to objects than people?
  2. Does your child have difficulty learning from others’ examples, or do they need to be directly taught?
  3. Does your child pay attention to only a select few people?
  4. Does your child interact with objects and/or people in a rigid/repetitive/inflexible manner?
  5. Does your child form his/her own agenda and insist that others follow it?
  6. Does your child respond to other people in very limited ways?  
  7. Does your child primarily use repeated words or memorized verbal phrases for communication?
  8. Does your child have difficulty sticking together with you for a long periods of time?
  9. Does your child respond to others only when they are at a close distance?
  10. Does your child have difficulties transitioning between activities, rooms or locations?

Dr. Rydell’s teaching and mentorship will guide you in developing an early game plan to turn these learning style challenges into learning style strengths so that your child is “spending less time coping and more time learning”. For over 40 years, Dr. Rydell has earned the trust and confidence of parents and professionals “getting kids ready for school” ….

Experience Matters!  

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