Colorado is Very Fortunate to have Dr. Rydell and RMAC!

Nearly 11 years ago, my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s.  We waited for a month to get the appointment with the physiatrist we were referred to by our pediatrician.  Our son was not socializing normally, had unusual obsessions, struggled significantly in school and was talking on a regular basis on about death and how he would kill himself – he was 6.  He also presented with very delayed motor skills, toe walking in circles and significant gastro problems.  Upon a one hour evaluation, we were told he had Asperger’s, which was on the autism spectrum.  He told me that he did not treat such conditions and did not know of anyone that could.  He left me only with a list of books to get at the book store………  I was at the book store at opening, bought every book on the shelf and read each in 24 hours.  This only led me to panic!!  I went on the internet and started sending messages for assistance to every organization in Colorado.  I only heard back from Pat Rydell.  We made an appointment and without hesitation, signed my son up with weekly intervention.  Immediately, I was provided with help and guidance to help my son and myself to combat the struggles that we were facing.  Not only was he helping my son, but provided confidence with me.  After 5 short months, we found out we were moving to Arizona.   Services available in my new location were not what I had come to know with RMAC.  I was lost, but Pat continued to provide help and guidance to myself and our family following our move by phone and as result, I found my way and figured out a lot of things by myself.  I became actively involved as a board member with multiple AZ Autism organizations.  I am pleased that autism has the necessary recognition in society presently and that more and more services are available.  Dr. Patrick Rydell helped my family before this was the case.

We have faced many typical medical problems with autism such as epilepsy and anxiety and depression disorder.  We have encountered significant bullying in middle school and moved to a private Catholic school.  My son is a junior in high school and doing quite well academically and socially and considering priesthood.

Pat Rydell’s caring support of his families is something that I am grateful for everyday – I could have never done this without him!!!

Colorado is very fortunate to have Dr. Rydell and RMAC!

Kay Snell