Dr. Pat Puts His Families First

RMAC is a place where master level therapists are hired, trained by Pat (a PhD level therapist with 34 year’s experience) and they eventually are ready to start their own clinics. He trains at clinics, school districts, and universities internationally. Within the magnitude of what they do, the kids are the driving force, the soul, of this profoundly effective group. The kids are everything.

With our RMAC Learning Style Profile approach and methods, Dr. Pat taught our son joint attention, looking up and around at others to see what was going on, to understand what he was supposed to do through observation, to have shared enjoyment, to anticipate expectations, and executive function thinking. He used a family model so we all learned how to facilitate his development, and ours. It is a lot of hard work, and it’s not a quick fix. The results however, are amazing.

Dr. Pat puts his families first. If there is ever anything he can do to help, he does not hesitate. He puts all his heart and soul into his work, loves the kids he works with, and moves mountains for them. For us, he fought Medicare to cover treatment that we were told was covered, but it wasn’t. If we would have had to take on that debt, we would have had to put a hold on further treatment until those thousands were paid. Dr. Pat and his wife Elizabeth told us to keep coming and that we would figure it out. After many hours of work and frustration, they got Medicare to honor the debt. They juggle schedules to do makeup sessions, they gave our son an old computer because his was broken and they had an extra. I’ve cried on Dr. Pat’s shoulder many times, and he is always end there for us. He’s one of the best, and I count us very lucky to have him.

RMAC Family