I Had the Privilege of Working with Pat Rydell

I had the privilege of working with Pat Rydell/RMAC when he served as a consultant to the school district and to families of autistic children in the district where I served as Special Education Director.  His learning style approach provides a practical way for parents and professionals to work with children on the autism spectrum.  By understanding “how” a child learns and “how” the child responds to academic, social and emotional cues, strategies are developed to teach these children appropriate responses in the manner that they learn best.  As a parent once said to me, “My child has to learn to adapt to the world; the world should not be expected to adapt to my child”.   While the strategies that are developed once the learning styles profile is completed are specific to the child, the strategies are still global enough to be adapted to a variety of situations.  The end result is a child who can be successful in the world, despite the challenges of autism.

Special Education Director