I Have Seen First Hand Dr. Rydell’s Expertise and Knowledge

As an employee of the Rocky Mountain Autism Center, I have seen first hand Dr. Rydell’s expertise and knowledge in working with children and adults with autism and their families. I have also been on the receiving end of his mentorship and guidance in using the SCERTS model and Learning Style Profile as an approach toward working with these individuals. These approaches toward intervention have been shown to support individual’s growth and learning as well as provide support to caregivers and families as they assist their child in carry over of skills to other environments. As a practitioner, I find the model intuitive and can observe the benefits to children and adults across the lifespan. I also enjoy the ability and encouragement to collaborate with other professionals to best support the child across various environments. Dr. Rydell’s dedication to this population, passion for excellence, and extensive knowledge has made him an invaluable resource that should be utilized by any interested in furthering their own knowledge and abilities in working with children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Morgan Isch, MS OTR/L