RMAC’s Learning Style Profile Has Been Life-Changing

RMAC’s Learning Style Profile has been life-changing for my son with Moderate to Severe ASD.  Using the LSP, Dr Rydell identified my son’s greatest learning challenges and systematically taught him how to improve his joint attention so he could read environmental cues across all situations. Now instead of just rote learning and scripted language for his needs, he can spontaneously use appropriate, creative language to communicate for a variety of reasons. Once my son realized he could use that information to become part of a group, the world opened up to him.  He’s now able to learn in the mainstream classroom, take music classes and even joined a soccer league this fall.  Dr Rydell taught his father and me how to best support all the learning challenges that he identified from the LSP.  Now that we understand how to use the tools in the LSP, EVERYTHING is easier and calmer for our family. We feel much more normal and are so hopeful for our son’s future. The LSP is so useful and cost effective and we highly recommend it for anyone with ASD.

RMAC Family