Thank You!!!!!

After a long day of therapy and no sleep, my son’s weakness finally gave in. From having a difficulty transitioning to being sensitive to what triggers him, he then had a meltdown. It was already quite a battle to deal with this behavior at the comfort of our own domicile, let alone at the Therapy Center. His misery couldn’t wait for us to even get to our truck. Others perhaps call it a struck of luck but I rather recognize it as a blessing when during his loud cries, hard kicks and seemingly helpless emotional decline, Dr Rydell led him to floor to give him a massage and to aid him with the right breathing technique, without saying the words breathe in and breathe out. After only a couple of minutes, he calmed down and in front of me and the two therapists surrounding him, he said words we never expected he would say considering his prior tenor. He stood up and said, “Thank you, guys!” Those two simple words were positively unprecedented and recalling this story always makes me tear up.

This is only one of the many beautiful stories my family and I have for Rocky Mountain Autism Center. Their Learning Style Profile Approach has helped my son not just with regulation and social skills but has allowed him to soar bringing out the best in him. As a mother who is present every therapy session with him, I have been given the confidence to deal with different scenarios brought by the disorder as every Therapist in this facility who works with him has been so incredibly brilliant and amazingly kind to make me understand the reason behind his behavior and implement specific interventions we can use at home. I couldn’t imagine our family without RMAC.