The Learning Style Profile is Unique in Its Approach

Our son Said’s ability to make sense out of the world surrounding him dramatically changed since we have been introduced to RMAC and the Learning Style Profile for Children. Having previously worked with a number of professionals (therapists and teachers) using different approaches we achieved some progress but it was rather limited. We travelled to the US to meet with Dr Rydell who worked for two weeks (approx. 1.5 hours each day) with our son and miraculously his attention span increased from almost zero to 15 min at a time and this is within the 2 week period! We could believe ourselves.

Most importantly, Dr Rydell’s programme helped us to overcome Said’s eating issues. We continued our work with Dr Rydell through Skype sessions and he trained all professionals who worked with Said. It made a huge difference to the way Said perceived everything that was happening around him.

The Learning Style Profile is unique in its approach and teaches the child to look around, analyse, think and apply the newly acquired skills in everyday life. Here is 10 things our son learned since we started working with Dr Rydell:

  1. Said is now eating a healthy diet. We struggled for years trying to diversify his diet and introduce fruits and vegetables (he was only eating bananas and gluten and dairy free porridges for years!). Through a simple play technique Said gradually started to take interest in other foods.
  2. Said’s flexibility has dramatically improved and he has become more attentive to our emotions and facial expression of our feelings – he is able to read them now perfectly while before it seemed as if he did not case. He even learned to say “sorry” in his own way if he does not want to do something.
  3. When we are outdoors he no longer runs away without looking back as he used to.
  4. Said’s stimming has substantially decreased (he does it only if he is extra tired, excited or has eaten something he reacts to). But even if he does stim he is totally with us, switched on and flexible.
  5. Said totally understands everything we tell him and helps around the house with simple tasks.
  6. Said is using more words to express his wants. He was only using a very few before. He still has a severe speech impairment but he does make a huge effort.
  7. He learnt to use pictures to support his speech. When Dr Rydell first mentioned that we would need to eventually work on this skill I could not imagine my son even looking at the pictures or being interested in using them. Over time, Said has become truly proficient in using the pictures. He also became very inventive in trying to make himself better understood by using different colours and shapes he saw around (in a book, on a t-shirt, a crayon, etc) to provide clues to the words he was saying if he did not find the right picture around.
  8. Said started using his index finger to point at things he wants. He is also very good now in using his fingers to indicate the number of things he wants.
  9. Said likes to listen to stories about activities we do during the day. He is even able to put in single words into the story I tell as he totally understands what we are talking about and is able to “continue” the story if I pause long enough.
  10. Our son is now fully toilet trained!
Dr. Rydell’s International Consultation