The LSP is a Win-Win for All

The  Learning Style Profile offers educators a unique and an exceptionally effective tool to aid in program development for students with ASD.  Through the LSP, special education teachers, families and other therapists, can readily assess the challenges and strengths of the children with ASD.  The LSP offers a clear framework to outline a student’s current performance levels, identify their areas of need, and develop interventions and strategies to address these.  Best of all, through this profile, we have a very efficient way to share this crucial information with all stakeholders in the educational setting. Through the LSP, the core challenges of ASD, are identified and connected to school expectations.  The LSP provides targeted guidance and information in a readily accessible manner for classroom teachers and they are able to make appropriate and effective accommodations.  The LSP gives teachers a research based tool to enhance our performance without disrupting the learning environment.  It allows us to provide all students with the strategies and engagement necessary for them to be successful.  The LSP is easy to use, offers crucial input for programming, and leads to ongoing growth and success for students with ASD – a win-win for all.

Patti Beemer, Significant Needs/ Autism Specialist, Grades PK-21