There is No Better Investment in Our Son’s Future

Dr. Rydell’s Learning Style Profile approach has completely transformed the way my son functions at school and in life. Once described as unengaged, unmotivated, and inflexible, my 11-year-old is now the “superstar” of his special needs classroom: on task, highly motivated, and able to roll with the punches. In addition to helping JP gain independence and be successful in the school setting, Dr. Rydell has helped us systematically conquer many day-to-day challenges that impact both school and home life, including sibling and peer interactions, self-control issues, and self-help skills.

If my husband and I ever need proof that RMAC’s therapy is worth our time and money, we simply need to look at our son’s evolving IEPs. So much of the growth and success we see each year in school can be directly traced back to the skills Dr. Pat is helping us master. It’s proof positive that his practical, no-nonsense approach works for everyday families trying to prepare their children to function in the real world.

The bottom line: Dr. Rydell is setting up my little guy to succeed in middle school and beyond. And from our perspective, there is no better investment in his future.

Lucia Carruthers, Aurora, CO