We are So Blessed to Have Had Dr. Pat

We first met Dr. Rydell when our son was three years old. He is ten now. In these 7 years he went from nonverbal to verbal. From being in his own head all the time, to having real friends that he enjoys playing turn taking, rotating, “you win some ya lose some” playground games. He writes letters, summaries and stories. He asks questions about people’s lives and emotions. He is in a classroom with minimal support, and is at or above his grade level. He is smart and kind and flexible. At first I hated therapy because it was hard. It was hard to see him so disregulated. We were used to therapists either being bubbly to inspire interaction, or giving candy bribes. This was work, for all of us. As a result, Dr. Pat taught us how to be with him, just as much as he taught him how to be part of the world. He learned to enjoy life.  I can’t tell you how amazing that is. We were just hoping to talk with him someday. I now work as a special education para, and see many autistic children with many backgrounds. All I can say is that we are so blessed to have had Dr. Pat and his center therapists. Our son is doing very well, and will be one of those kids who make it to college, has a social life, maybe even a family of his own. None of that would have happened without Dr. Pat.


RMAC Family