1. Our Experience Has Been Life Changing!

    Our experience with RMAC has been life changing. Their learning style approach has helped our son take his focus off of spinning the wheel on the car to playing with the car with other children and taking cues from them. Our son has gone from single word utterances to complex sentences and even getting in trouble for talking to his friends at school. Dr. Rydell not only has an excellent rapport…Read More

    Maggie S.
  2. Thank You!!!!!

    After a long day of therapy and no sleep, my son’s weakness finally gave in. From having a difficulty transitioning to being sensitive to what triggers him, he then had a meltdown. It was already quite a battle to deal with this behavior at the comfort of our own domicile, let alone at the Therapy Center. His misery couldn't wait for us to even get to our truck. Others perhaps call it a struck o…Read More

  3. The LSP is a Win-Win for All

    The  Learning Style Profile offers educators a unique and an exceptionally effective tool to aid in program development for students with ASD.  Through the LSP, special education teachers, families and other therapists, can readily assess the challenges and strengths of the children with ASD.  The LSP offers a clear framework to outline a student’s current performance levels, identify their a…Read More

    Patti Beemer, Significant Needs/ Autism Specialist, Grades PK-21
  4. I highly Recommend the LSP for School, Clinic and Home Programming

    The Learning Style Profile provides a dynamic and unique process for understanding how core challenges of ASD affect people across developmental domains. This invaluable tool targets the heart of ASD challenges while offering a theoretical framework for program development and implementation. The Learning Style Profile also provides a deeper understanding of the trials a child with ASD faces at ho…Read More

    Ann Folan, M.A., Behavioral Therapist
  5. The LSP is Unique in That it is Theoretically Sound

    One of the challenges of graduate education is seamlessly connecting the classroom with the clinic. The LSP is unique in that it is theoretically sound, clinically practical and yet flexible enough to allow responsiveness to all of the challenges and strengths of the specific child with ASD. From his clinical and research experience, Dr. Rydell has pulled together a valuable tool that is easily ac…Read More

    Dr. Ryan L. Nelson, Assistant Professor University of Louisiana, Lafayette Department of Communicative Disorders
  6. Thank You for ALL You Do

    My daughter began Speech/Language and Occupational therapies at RMAC in January, 2011, at the age of 20.  Since this time her conversational abilities have improved so that others now feel valued and listened to by her.  In addition, the frequency, intensity and duration of her meltdowns have decreased.  These improvements are the direct result of how the therapists teach The SCERTS Learning P…Read More

  7. The Learning Style Profile is Unique in Its Approach

    Our son Said’s ability to make sense out of the world surrounding him dramatically changed since we have been introduced to RMAC and the Learning Style Profile for Children. Having previously worked with a number of professionals (therapists and teachers) using different approaches we achieved some progress but it was rather limited. We travelled to the US to meet with Dr Rydell who worked for t…Read More

    Dr. Rydell’s International Consultation
  8. Understanding, Supportive, and Extremely Helpful

    We have been going to RMAC for the past year and have found the staff including Dr. Rydell to be understanding, supportive, and extremely helpful.  Raising a child with autism and other learning disabilities is extremely challenging and the support that Dr. Rydell and his team provides is invaluable.  Our son Reece has improved so significantly with his communication, writing, and social skills …Read More

    RMAC Family
  9. RMAC’s Learning Style Profile Has Been Life-Changing

    RMAC's Learning Style Profile has been life-changing for my son with Moderate to Severe ASD.  Using the LSP, Dr Rydell identified my son's greatest learning challenges and systematically taught him how to improve his joint attention so he could read environmental cues across all situations. Now instead of just rote learning and scripted language for his needs, he can spontaneously use appropriate…Read More

    RMAC Family
  10. I Have Seen First Hand Dr. Rydell’s Expertise and Knowledge

    As an employee of the Rocky Mountain Autism Center, I have seen first hand Dr. Rydell’s expertise and knowledge in working with children and adults with autism and their families. I have also been on the receiving end of his mentorship and guidance in using the SCERTS model and Learning Style Profile as an approach toward working with these individuals. These approaches toward intervention have …Read More

    Morgan Isch, MS OTR/L