1. I Had the Privilege of Working with Pat Rydell

    I had the privilege of working with Pat Rydell/RMAC when he served as a consultant to the school district and to families of autistic children in the district where I served as Special Education Director.  His learning style approach provides a practical way for parents and professionals to work with children on the autism spectrum.  By understanding "how" a child learns and "how" the child resp…Read More

    Special Education Director
  2. Dr. Rydell is a Gifted, Focused Communicator

    When it comes to individuals with autism, Dr. Rydell thinks big. His life is dedicated to helping people with autism reach their full cognitive and communicative potential. His Learning Style Profile is a comprehensible road map based on decades of research and solid intervention principles.  Moreover, Dr. Rydell is a gifted, focused communicator who can successfully collaborate with anyone!…Read More

    Lillian Stiegler, Ph.D, CCC-SLP
  3. Colorado is Very Fortunate to have Dr. Rydell and RMAC!

    Nearly 11 years ago, my son was diagnosed with Asperger's.  We waited for a month to get the appointment with the physiatrist we were referred to by our pediatrician.  Our son was not socializing normally, had unusual obsessions, struggled significantly in school and was talking on a regular basis on about death and how he would kill himself - he was 6.  He also presented with very delayed mot…Read More

    Kay Snell
  4. I Love that Dr. Pat and His Model Grow with Our Kids

    Although the initial diagnosis of Autism for my daughter was frightening, I was able to find a myriad of services for her.  I understand early intervention is key, but kids on the spectrum grow up and that’s where it gets harder.  I love that Dr. Pat and his model grow with our kids.  It is a forever approach.  It is never too late to start with this model, it is not for only a certain sever…Read More

    Renee Fichtl
  5. There is No Better Investment in Our Son’s Future

    Dr. Rydell's Learning Style Profile approach has completely transformed the way my son functions at school and in life. Once described as unengaged, unmotivated, and inflexible, my 11-year-old is now the "superstar" of his special needs classroom: on task, highly motivated, and able to roll with the punches. In addition to helping JP gain independence and be successful in the school setting, Dr. R…Read More

    Lucia Carruthers, Aurora, CO
  6. We are So Blessed to Have Had Dr. Pat

    We first met Dr. Rydell when our son was three years old. He is ten now. In these 7 years he went from nonverbal to verbal. From being in his own head all the time, to having real friends that he enjoys playing turn taking, rotating, “you win some ya lose some” playground games. He writes letters, summaries and stories. He asks questions about people's lives and emotions. He is in a classroom …Read More

    RMAC Family
  7. Dr. Pat Puts His Families First

    RMAC is a place where master level therapists are hired, trained by Pat (a PhD level therapist with 34 year’s experience) and they eventually are ready to start their own clinics. He trains at clinics, school districts, and universities internationally. Within the magnitude of what they do, the kids are the driving force, the soul, of this profoundly effective group. The kids are everything. Wit…Read More

    RMAC Family
  8. So Much Growth in Just the Year and Half

    I have seen so much growth in just the year and half that my child has attended RMAC for speech and occupational therapy.  Not only has my child learned strategies to succeed in the community and at school, RMAC has also given me, as the parent, the tools and knowledge to support my child and educate his teachers on his learning style and needs.  Among other things, he has become more independen…Read More

  9. Beyond Grateful for Dr. Pat

    We are beyond grateful for Dr. Pat and the Rocky Mountain Autism Center.  After our son's ASD diagnosis at age 13 we were disappointed to find so few services for Autistic children as old or as high-functioning as our son...then, we found the RMAC.  Dr. Pat has really been able to identify with our son, validating his worldview and associated emotions.  Dr. Pat has helped our son in fantastic w…Read More

    RMAC Parents
  10. A Critical Component of Our Son’s Therapy

    The Learning Style Profile has been a critical component of our son's therapy mix. After his first month of therapy, we noticed significant improvements in his social communication...and it continues to expand! Dr. Rydell and his team have taught us, as parents, not only how to recognize our son's issues with shared control and flexibility, but how to help address and often prevent these kinds of…Read More

    Sarah and Mike Neumann, parents of Charlie (age 4)